by Joy Nash

August 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52683-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Clara’s father lay dying and it was up to her to help him. A cup with healing powers had once belonged to her mother, but now it had been stolen. She must find it and return to her father’s side to restore his health. In order to find the Grail she needed the aid of a Wise One. She hoped the Druid she sought could look past their cultural differences. There were still many Celts who believed the only good Roman was a dead Roman.

Owein saw her in his vision before he found her lying in the snow. He knew he couldn’t leave her there to die from exposure or worse, so he took her to his dwelling to heal her. The woman looked nothing like his dead wife, nonetheless, her presence filled his mind with memories of a savage battle that took his family from him and stole years from his life in slavery to the Roman dogs. He lived alone with his painful, dark past, churning anew the hatred with each memory. He guarded his anguish and drew strength from it. It mattered not if the darkness was eating away at him from the inside. There was nothing else for him...until she came.

Clara was shocked that the virile man tending her was the Druid King she sought. She’d been expecting a bent old hermit. She decided to keep her lineage a secret. He would know she was Roman, no doubt of that. But if he knew her father was the leader of the Romans who destroyed his village there was no way Clara would be able to convince him to help. He would gladly see her father die.

Owein unwillingly agreed to help her find the Grail. He doesn’t tell her it was for his own purposes. The Grail belonged to his people and he intended to see it returned to its proper home. Despite his abilities, Owein didn’t foresee the connection he would have with Clara: a connection that went beyond the physical. As strong as their physical compatibility, their mental connection was so strong it frightened him. It was one more reason to hold Clara at arms length.

If Owein and Clara believed their differences was the only obstacle they would face during their mission to recover the Grail, they were wrong. A dark magic was at work deep in the hills of Avalon and it wanted the Grail along with Owein. The darkness abiding in his soul was being called and Owein knew he had no choice but to follow.

The Grail King by Joy Nash is book one in the Druids of Avalon series. It is a reader’s smorgasbord of adventure, legend, sensuality, and romance. The book is filled with vivid details woven into an intriguing plot. Returning characters from Celtic Fire make an appearance alongside new ones in the epic The Grail King. Ms. Nash has three stories about what transpired between the books and they are free to read on her website.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Rho.

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