by Debra Webb

June 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51410-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #96
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Olivia Mills is a psychologist who is content with her life and her live in boyfriend. They are predictable and she likes that, but it can be boring sometimes as well. When she least expected it, her past reared its ugly head.

Olivia used to be Vanessa Clark and an assassin for the US, one of the best. Until circumstances changed that and she had to die in order to live. It seems that someone has reactivated her call name Shaera. But why is her question, why now after three years would this be happening. Only one way to find out, meet the person.

Things are not as they seem at all. She has been hired to hit none other than her live in boyfriend. Why? She doesnít know and she is out to find who is behind it all. This starts a cross-country race from California to DC and Virginia. Only problem is her boyfriend thinks they are going away for the weekend and most likely to camp. Only Olivia isnít telling him anything and he isnít too happy about it but keeps quiet and goes along for a time.

For Olivia things go from bad to worse when she runs into her old flame and sometimes partner, Holt Landry. He was her British counterpart. Seems that Holt knows a lot more than he is letting on and Olivia isnít happy about it at all. It seems like all her past is coming to bite her on the butt with Holt now along for the ride.

Ms. Webb has given us a great story of intrigue and mystery. Olivia had not forgotten Holt, she had buried her feelings for him and boy did they jump to the surface when he showed up. Holt also had let his feelings for Olivia show as well. Can we say that her boyfriend is with them almost the whole way of this adventure of trying to find out who wants him dead and who recalled her. Past Sins also has Olivia not knowing whom she can trust. It is interesting to see the dance that is played with the characters in the story as the pieces starting falling into place.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Pam.

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