by Kayla Perrin

June 2002
ISBN: 1-583-14352-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

What woman can resist a man that sends you flowers, candy, and expresses his desire for you not only while he’s pursuing you, but also after he’s caught you? No woman I can think of and certainly not Tara Montgomery. It doesn’t hurt that the man in question is tall, dark and has a body to fire any woman’s blood.

Darren Burkeen’s entrance into Tara’s life is a bit soon after the departure and betrayal of five-year boyfriend, Harris Seeman. While Tara was in Florida anticipating their engagement and gathering wedding ideas, Harris was in California enjoying his promotion and the boss’ daughter.

Swearing off men, Tara wasn’t prepared for Darren. Darren is quite simply wonderful. Not to mention sweet, intelligent, gorgeous, romantic and just what Tara needs. Where she’d settled in her relationship with Harris, she’s now getting everything she ever wanted in a man with Darren. But five years worth of loving isn’t so easy to forget. So when Harris comes back into her life mere months after he broke her heart she can’t help but think of all the good times they shared. While she doesn’t truly contemplate rekindling their relationship she is confused. Things get even touchier when Harris actively pursues Tara and surprises her with some secrets about Darren’s past that jeopardizes their relationship.

This book had so many great points I couldn’t begin to list them all. What I truly loved was that the character’s emotions and reactions were so realistic. Why wouldn’t Tara be confused about her relationship with Harris, despite Darren’s seeming perfection? It’s not like she had such a long time to get over him before her relationship with Darren began. And in fact that had been her main reason for resisting a relationship with him in the first place. I don’t know anyone who could turn their backs on five years of loving without a qualm or ten. When Harris drops his carefully calculated bomb (remember he'd been in a five year relationship with her and probably knew how she’d react), Tara’s immediate reaction was also understandable. Not everyone can be perpetually clear headed and rational. I won’t spill the beans on what the bomb was. However, I will say it was suitably shocking, at least initially, and lead to all kinds of turmoil, which was cleared up relatively quickly, due to our heroine’s ability to deal honestly with her emotions and admit to making a mistake.

My main issue with In An Instant is that it wasn’t longer and we, therefore, only get to skim the surface of these characters. I’d have like to delve a bit deeper into Tara and Darren - gotten to know them better. Also, when Harris popped back into Tara’s life, Darren could have initially given her more support. Instead he left her to deal with it. It was of course done with the intention to give Tara and Harris time to talk in private but it would have been nice if he hadn’t been so darn understanding about the ex popping up out of the blue.

To end on a positive note, throughout In An Instant Tara’s cousin, Diamond, makes appearances and deals with some issues of her own. Diamond, too, is a wonderful character and her story, In A Heartbeat, is coming out early 2003. It’s a book I’m very much looking forward to reading.

Reviewed in August 2002 by JaToya.

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