by Alesia Holliday

July 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20994-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Shane Madison hates confrontation. But she is forced to stand up for herself when an ex-boyfriend takes his rage out on her car after she breaks up with him. Since then, Shane has preferred that when she finishes a relationship that the man break up with her, and she’s perfected the art of making the man want to break up, leaving the whole experience completely pleasant.

Shane works at a fashion boutique downtown and when her boss offers her a partial ownership, Shane decides to open her own business on the side to earn the money to pay for her share. What is better than to be paid for breaking people up? The first day Shane runs her ad, she has over 130 responses from people desperate to lose their lover.

However, some men don’t take kindly to being dumped, no matter how it’s done. One man is out for revenge when his girlfriend uses Shane’s advice to break up with him. Will Shane learn that all is not as it seems in the relationship department?

Nice guys finish last seems to be the theme in Seven Ways To Lose Your Lover . It seems the nicer, the more perfect a man is, the more desperate the woman is to get rid of him. Nick does inventory because the woman he loves hates it. And it earns him a break-up. Tony is a wonderful Italian man, devoted to marriage and family. And it earns him a break-up. Ben is an advertising executive, hoping to settle down with the right woman for a happily-ever-after marriage. And it earns him a break up. I felt sorry for all the men that ended up hurt in the story, but had to admit that Seven Ways To Lose Your Lover is a unique approach to a chick lit.

I enjoyed Seven ways To Lose Your Lover and recommend it. It is well-written, and laugh out loud funny at times.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Laura.

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