by Lori Foster

January 2002
ISBN: 0-515-13229-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lori Foster's books are all 'keepers', and her latest ranks at the top of the list. Wild is fast paced, deliciously steamy, and has a hero to die for. Zane Winston is the last of the Winston brothers from Lori's previous novellas Tangled Sheets (Cole's story), Tangled Dreams (Chase's story), and Tangled Images (Mack's story).

The "Winston Curse" (of finding true love and a happily-ever-after marriage) hangs over Zane's head and he's very determined to avoid it at all costs. He's seen his brothers fall to the 'curse', and though he acknowledges their happiness, he's definitely not planning marriage in his near future.

Zane is a devastatingly handsome, sexy man and women flock to his side. According to local gossip he's dated almost every single woman in town. He owns and runs a very successful computer store. It's located next to a shop advertising Palm Readings, Psychic and Spiritual Advice and operated by a 'gypsy'.

Tamara Tremayne is the 'gypsy', wearing the flamboyant disguise every day and then doing technical writing at night. She's been very aware of Zane from the first time she saw him, and has fantasized about him every night while trying to come up with a way to approach him. When she figures out the best way to get Zane's attention, she goes after him, stunning him and making him even more aware of her as a woman.

Zane has never seen the 'real' Tamara without her costume but that doesn't keep him from (unwillingly) fantasizing about her. When she propositions him, his first reaction is typical male. He's sexually attracted to her but pride makes him turn her down. But later, the more he thinks about it, the more intrigued he gets. He finally decides to give Tamara what she wants --- as long as he's the one in control and it never goes beyond a temporary fling.

There's a mystery involving Tamara, which naturally brings out the protective and possessive streak in Zane to the fullest. Before either Tamara or Zane realize it, the "Winston Curse" is readying itself to hit one last time in the Winston family!

This sexy, incredibly sensual story is a fantastic read. Lori's characters are very genuine people readers fall in love with and remember long after the book is read. Lori Foster's books are all guaranteed satisfying reads and fans will devour this new one… then wait impatiently for the next one!

Reviewed in December 2001 by Kari.

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