by Tricia McGill

July 2006
ISBN: 1-59705-014-8
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Friends since childhood, Amy and Tony went from friendship into boyfriend and girlfriend, with that friendship still a big part of the relationship. Only there was one problem. Amy was still in love with Andrew, Tony’s brother. When they were younger all of them hung out together until one fateful day that Andrew left for the big city.

Andrew returns back to his childhood town and has an agenda in mind. It seems the only person who doesn’t know his agenda is Amy. Just what is he up too? Andrew is out to get the love of his life.

Amy and Tony come to a conclusion that they are just friends, there could never be more to their relationship. They have no desire to be more and the sparks are just not there.

The sparks definitely were there for Amy and Andrew. All it took was a look or a touch from Andrew to set Amy off. She had never stopped loving Andrew, but her problem was did he love her? She wasn’t sure about his feelings and that left her insecure.

Irresistible Challenge is a delightful read of second chances. Andrew threw it all away when Amy was younger but she was giving him another chance. Andrew made sacrifices of his own to win the woman he loves. Andrew was the challenge and was irresistible to Amy, but will Amy see past the lies of a woman scorned? If you like to read about second chances then you’ll enjoy this story. It was also amusing to see Amy frustrated by Andrew as she had no idea what he was up to.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Pam.

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