by Nathalie Gray

May 2006
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Scarlet did what she must in order to survive the streets of Amsterdam. It was unfortunate but it was life: her life. On a day she’d been sure her fate was sealed life took a sudden turn. She’d accepted an offer from a mysterious lady without knowing what was waiting for her. Scarlet thought that whatever it was it couldn’t be worse than what her ‘master’ had in store for her. She left with the stranger, yet had Scarlet known that her life would be at a greater risk she would have taken her chances with Werner. But then, she would have never met Fredrick.

For the last two years Fredrick had been a prisoner in his own home. He’d realized too late that inviting his cousin, Lady Katrina for a visit was a tragic mistake. Katrina had been studying him while mapping out a plan that would give her control of Fredrick’s lands. She knew his weakness, his curse, and used that knowledge to keep Fredrick on his knees – both figuratively and literally. Katrina had brought servant after servant to look after him throughout her stay but none lived long enough to continue the wicked plans. Katrina managed to surprise him with her latest choice.

The more time he spent with Scarlet the more he realized how badly he wanted her, ached to have her. Her kindness was a welcome reprieve from the treatment he suffered from the hands of his cousin and her entourage. To his remorse acting on his feelings for Scarlet would leave her vulnerable to the devious machinations of the evil living in his castle. Katrina would use it to her own advantage. The best thing to do was to drive Scarlet away.

Things weren’t adding up. Scarlet knew that the ‘facts’ Lady Katrina had given her were lies. She began a strategy of her own. But would time be on her side? Would secrets crush what feelings were developing between Scarlet and Fredrick?

Wolfsbane by Nathalie Gray is a dark tale of courage and love in the face of adversity. Fredrick and Scarlet must overcome tremendous odds to be together. Ms. Gray’s villains are truly horrible in this erotic tale, which makes the victory all the sweeter. I am a bit confused about the time period of this novel. Conflicting references and terms make for a difficult discernment. The story drags a bit in the beginning but as soon as Scarlet makes her mind up to help Fredrick the action doesn’t let up until the end.

Be aware there are BDSM themes in Wolfsbane.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Rho.

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