by Emma Holly

April 1998
ISBN: 0-352-33686-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Black Lace Books
Mass Market Paperback

This is another wonderful excursion into a world of sexual experimentation from the talented mind of Emma Holly. And the title couldn’t be more accurate – the hero is Storm Dupré, master chef, and when he gets cooking, look out!

Arriving to answer an ad for a chef at the Coates Inn Restaurant on Cape Cod, Storm meets the owner, Abby Coates. Struggling to keep the Inn going, Abby is also struggling with her sex-life – she has dumped long-time boyfriend Bill, and is wondering just where her life is going. Well, Storm points her in the right direction!!! Within a few nights, she and Storm are cookin’!!

The sex is hot, heavy and erotic! Storm encourages Abby to let herself go – to explore the inner sensuality that she’s been repressing. She does, with somewhat unexpected results – a predator is released!!! Of course, the beneficiaries of all this sudden sexual freedom (some delightfully drawn locals, and an older friend) are thrilled, but Storm finds himself rather distressed – apparently his “no commitment” rule is about to be broken.

Storm and Abby play out their games under the watchful eye of Marissa, Abby’s waitress, who has long lusted for Abby, but is learning that there are others who might fulfill her needs. Abby herself is having fun! Liberated at last, and absolutely refusing to believe there’s a chance that Storm might do something as mundane as fall in love with her, she lets it all hang out, so to speak, and cats around town getting it on wherever and with whomever she cares to.

Of course, there is a final moment, when they have to bypass the sex and get to the core of their relationship, but this book is really about the sex – between Storm and Abby, and Abby and anyone else who happens to be handy! It’s very well written, keeping each and every encounter different and arousing and sometimes just plain fun. The characters are realistically portrayed – there’s someone here that you know, without a doubt! There is little, if any, pain, either physical or psychological, and the wonderful smile on the cover model just about tells the tale! I highly recommend any of Emma Holly’s work to readers interested in multi-layered and fascinating erotic romances, and this is another one to add to the list!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Celia.

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