by Anya Bast

May 2006
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Olivia thinks she is losing her mind. She talks to dead people and sees monsters walking down the street, everywhere she goes. She’s managed to keep everyone from noticing but she’s at her wits end. Just when a psychotic break seems to be on the next day’s agenda, Olivia meets two gorgeous men, who, for a few moments make her dream of something besides monsters and ghosts.

Mason is a half-blood fae Drac shifter. Along with his partner, Will, a powerful Tylwyth Teg fae, is engaged in the ongoing battle between the OtherKin fae and the goblins. Together they are a formidable force; members of an elite group of warriors known as Gaelan warriors. Their task is simple: track down an eliminate goblins that prey on humans and fae civilians. While on the hunt they meet Olivia, who appears to be their long-awaited third, the missing member of their Triad. As one, Olivia, Mason and Will, increase each other’s powers exponentially making them an unbeatable weapon in the war. But how do two dominant, highly skilled, alpha males share one woman and convince her she’s not going crazy?

Seduced in Twilight is another titillating sensual read from the incomparable Anya Bast. Filled with her trademark wit and passion this story will grab you right from the start. There is nothing quite like a menage story to add spark to your tender.


Reviewed in July 2006 by Cynthia.

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