by Janet Quinn

June 2006
ISBN: 1-59374-501-X
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I am an admirer of Janet Quinn as an author so I looked forward to reading this book. She didn't let me down, it is a cracking read. The book offers plenty of intrigue, romance, passion and danger.

Ciara was a simple Irish girl until her uncle Owen sold her to the local nobleman as his bride.

She produced the required heir in her beloved little boy Edward, then a few years later the Earl died. Ciara was relieved as she had no love for her husband. Now she was mistress of his estates and when she returned to her homeland to look after the estate there, she appointed handsome Irishman, Mick, as her overseer.

Mick was a loyal Irishman and had no love for the English but his heart was caught by the beautiful Countess, who was as happy dressed plainly and playing with her son with no lady of the manor airs and graces.

She has enemies and needs Mick to protect her and her son from them. Mick sees the danger and is determined to keep them safe.

I really enjoyed the pace of this story, no words wasted. Plenty of action. The passion that is between Mick and Ciara is strong even when they try to ignore it, the smouldering is in every look and accidental touch between them.

There are so many interesting characters in the book, not least her Uncle and some of her late husband's staff who want rid of Ciara. George and Bernard were so nasty. They constantly belittled the estate workers calling them peasants and regarded them as dirt under there feet. I loved the way Ciara stood up to them and was determined to do right by the workers despite the opposition.

This is a book I urge you to go out and buy. I loved it.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Mary.

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