by Christine Poe

September 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-013-7
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Trade Paperback

Ms. Poe’s newest book is a “feel good, happy-ever-after, humorous, fun reading” story to while away a relaxing afternoon. Her characters are so well portrayed that a reader can instantly identify with the heroine, and fall instantly in love with the hero.

Twyla Twitt is working against time to save the Newspaper so important to her deceased father. She’s come up with a perfect idea for a magazine that she’s hoping will bring in the money she needs to buy back her father’s shares in the Paper. Her sister Jewell isn’t as enthusiastic about the paper or Twyla’s idea, so she makes her agree to a bet: Twyla has to succeed with her “Heroes and Hunks” magazine, making a profit, before her upcoming birthday in a few months. Jewell thinks it’s time the sisters settle down, get married, and have a family. But Twyla doesn’t agree, so she’s all the more desperate to make “Heroes and Hunks” profitable.

She’s desperate enough to hire Brad Denton as the photographer she’ll need for her project, even though she wanted to hire a woman. Brad is all sexy cowboy, rugged, and way-too-polite for her liking. She’s sure it’s just not going to work out but has no other choice.

Brad Denton is a professional photographer, but he’s also doing an undercover assignment for his brother. But --- soon after being around Twyla long enough, he’s sure his brother is wrong with his suspicions. Brad’s is falling for Twyla and getting more jealous each day about the men she’s interviewing for the “Heroes and Hunks” magazine.

Both Twyla and Brad have scars from past relationships and are leery of getting involved with each other --- even though the sexual attraction between them is strong and undeniable. They know their verbal ‘sparring’ is only keeping them at arm’s length, and so when a really harsh argument finally separates them, they’re both left doubting their feelings for one another.

This reader thoroughly enjoyed “Heroes and Hunks”; it was sexy, humorous, and guarantees a happy-ever-after ending that is most satisfying. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a story filled with great characters, sensual imagery, sexual tension, humorous moments, and an everlasting love.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kari.

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