by Marie Treanor

May 2006
ISBN: 1-933874-44-9
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When Jenny is told she has psychic abilities her life as a librarian changes. She isnít convinced her abilities truly existed. She prepares herself for the inevitable termination. Then...she meets him.

Jennyís true abilities manifest upon the arrival of wedding crasher, Karoly, AKA Charlie. She finds him attractive from the moment he walks through the door wearing a kilt. Jenny feels something else as well. She walks in on him dining on a few guests and it is then she knows that while she failed the Centreís expectations Jenny can do what the others canít: she senses supernatural beings living among them in society. Instead of running for cover, helping the people buffet on the floor, or putting a stake through Charlieís chest, Jenny sits down and has a chat with him.

The Centre knows there is a 500 year old Romanian vampire in the area and is counting on Jenny to hunt him down. Meeting Charlie and finding her talent couldnít have come at a worse time. She hasnít had this much chemistry with a man in forever and yet she needs to prove herself to the Centre. Whatís a vampire hunter to do?

Undead Men Wear Plaid by Marie Treanor is an erotic paranormal short story. It is written in first person narrative and while it is condensed in length, it is impressively full-bodied. I was, however, disappointed that the humor seemed to slow down after the first chapter. Still, the suspense and the spicy scenes make for a pleasant read.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Rho.

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