by Nora Roberts

May 2000
ISBN: 0-515-12783-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

In a sweeping tale that covers a generation, Nora Roberts allows us into the lives of a Hollywood star and her daughter! Olivia MacBride is the four-year old daughter of Julie MacBride, incredibly beautiful and popular movie star. Popular with everyone except her drugged-out, soon to be ex-husband, Sam Tanner, whose violence seems to lurk just beneath the surface - released by drugs and alcohol!

One memorable night, Julie MacBride is savagely killed – the only witness? Four-year old Olivia! Detective Frank Brady is assigned to the case, and putting Sam Tanner away for life for the killing of Julie MacBride is one of his crowning achievements. He shares his feelings about the case with few, however, only his seven-year-old son Noah realizes that his Dad is still haunted by the case and a little girl with terrified eyes.

So far, so good! But at this point, Nora Roberts demonstrates her genius for romantic story-telling! Frank Brady’s son, Noah, becomes a fine young man, and yet for him, the memories of the MacBride case are still strong – especially little Olivia. The families meet when Olivia is eleven, and Noah fourteen – the impact they each have on the other is unmistakable. As adults they meet again – and the attraction is still there!! United by a bond, and threatened by a rabid killer, they turn to each other.

This is an amazing tale of thwarted passion, murder, love and redemption! Noah is a stand-out hero, and the fact that we have watched him grow into a man we can like and respect adds an additional dimension to his character. Olivia too, is a challenging and brilliant woman, uncaring of her sensuality until awoken by Noah’s touch! Her life is confused – both painful and protected, and she needs Noah’s practicality even though she is far from confessing her desires!

Grab this book if you can, and then set aside a day to lose yourself in it! Nora Roberts never disappoints, and this book well demonstrates how she earned her position as the top-selling romance author of the day!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Celia.

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