by Kathleen Givens

July 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-0990-9
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Trade Paperback

Sommerstrath, Ross

Western shore of Scotland

June, 1263

Lady Margaret MacDonald has had the worst betrayal any intended bride could ever have, and wants to end her betrothal to Lachlan Ross. Her family has forbidden Margaret to spurn Lachlan no matter what he has done to humiliate her. King Alexander wants this alliance between the two great clans. Margaret persuades her family to allow her to go to Alexanderís court to plead her case with him. Escorted there by her uncle, William Ross, her younger sister Nell, and ambitious brother Rignor, the trip turns out to be in vain, as the King denies Margaret what she seeks.

Disheartened at her fate, Margaret travels back to her home with her brother and sister only to find Sommerstrath destroyed, still smoldering from a vicious attack by raiding Vikings. The majority are dead, including Margaretís parents and younger brothers. Upon closer inspection Margaret and her surviving siblings discover that their eight year old brother, Davey, is not among the bodies. Combing through the ruins of Sommerstrath they realize that several boys are missing along with some adults who might have escaped. Margaretís fatherís ally, Irishman Rory OíNeill, arrives after he receives word of the raids occurring in the Highlands and sailed to aid with needed reinforcements. With him is fierce half-Irish half-Norse warrior, Gannon MacMagnus who proclaims he will hunt down the Norsemen responsible for this and bring home Margaretís lost brother.

Gannon MacMagnus has never been ashamed of his Viking ancestry, but when he assesses the brutality that was done to Margaretís people he vows to make those responsible pay. Gannon must also reign in his mounting feelings towards the lovely Margaret, as she is still bound to Lachlan. Placing her trust in Gannon whom she had never met prior to this gives Margaret little faith to go on, but her instincts keep telling her that her destiny and heart lie with this magnificent and noble warrior!

The newest in award winning author Kathleen Givenís tales of Scottish romance, On a Highland Shore, is certain to be another bestseller. It has all the factors needed for a potent story that will keep the historical romance lover engrossed. However there were a few things that the reader must get past to get to the heart of the story. The violence is very descriptive and continuous throughout. Also the first 100 pages could have been cut down. It takes that long before the hero and heroine even meet, even longer to ďconnect.Ē If you can get past that and arenít squeamish, then the excitement is plentiful and the romance when it does hit is glorious!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Bonnie.

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