by Vonna Harper, P.J. Mellor, Nelissa Donovan, Nikki Alton

August 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1528-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

The jeans, the swagger, the smile…every woman loves a cowboy! The Cowboy gives you four wild and intensely erotic tales of hip swaggering cowboys…

In Wild Ride Jordan Shore is trying to overcome a barrel racing accident. With help from champion half-breed bull rider, Cougar Lighthorse, Jordan might just be able to overcome her fear. The only thing standing in the way is the fact that Jordan would rather get him out of his chaps and into her bed. As the passion mounts, can Jordan overcome her fear of racing and win Cougar’s heart?

With Cowboy in Paradise P.J. Mellor brings us jaded cowboy Tyler Last. Tired of chasing steer - and women!- on the rodeo circuit, Tyler feels it is time to change his ways. That is until he meets the mysterious and sexy Meg Holder. Their erotic beach encounter only leaves Tyler panting for more. Breaking his vow of no more anonymous encounters, Tyler seeks to seduce Meg into loving him. But Meg had a secret - one that involves Tyler and the land his grandmother sold to new developers of Paradise Beach…

In Nelissa Donovan’s short story Saddle Sore, we meet horse rancher Dean MaCabe. Determined to keep his business a float, even during the devastating wild animal attacks on his horses, Dean sees sultry conservationist, Cassandra Darling, as the enemy. Determined to save the Mexican Gray Wolf, Cassandra finds it increasing difficult to stay out of Dean’s bed.

Finally the last instalment, Rodeo Man, LA Magazine writer Anna Hartley looses her job and her boyfriend. With no job, she ends up at the rodeo and in the arms of gorgeous cowboy Grant Olson. Can Anna tame Grant? Or will unleash in her a buried passion that makes her want only one thing in life - him.

With seductive narrative of broad plains and the thrill of the ride, The Cowboy is a sizzling selection of hot, erotic tales where the passion draws you in and ignites the pages! Rugged, rough and devastatingly handsome these short stories will convince you that a cowboy really is every woman’s fantasy.

This readers favorite tale was Rodeo Man by Nikki Alton. The developing relationship between Anna and Grant was extremely touching to read. As Anna throws off her city girl shackles, Grant unleashes a passion in her that rivals any wild stallion ride!

Steamy, seductive and buck wild, buckle up and take a ride among the pages of The Cowboy!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Donna.