by Desiree Acuna

April 2006
ISBN: 1-58608-907-2
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Accused of practicing witchcraft, Lilith is dragged from her village, stripped bare, and left at the gateway to the Labyrinth of the Beasts as an offering to the fearsome demons. Gaelen, the Hawkin guardian of the gateway, collects her sweeping her through twisting corridors and dark caverns into a realm of dark passions and unimaginable sensual discovery. He initiates her in the pleasures her body holds so that she may entertain her captorsí insatiable desire for human females.

But there is more to Lilithís presence in Gaelenís shadowy realm than she knows. Fate has great plans for both of them and nothing short of death will change their course. Can Lilith reconcile herself to living out her days as the sexual plaything of her captorsí knowing that her growing feelings for Gaelen can never be returned?

Desiree Acuna, a.k.a Kimberly Zant, continues her engaging series with Labyrinth of the Beast. The beauty and the beast theme takes on a new life with this series. Breathtaking, arousing romance as only Kimberly Zant can do it. Lush with imagery and talent Labyrinth of the Beast will all the right buttons.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Cynthia.

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