by Claire Cross

October 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21198-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Leslie Coxwell is stunned when her husband doesn’t go to bed one night, but it quickly turns into a nightmare when Matt announces that he’s leaving her—he only was waiting for her to get up. He’s going to his ex-fiancee, the one woman who makes Leslie feel about as sexy as dishwater.

Matt Coxwell’s father has just committed suicide, and he was unfortunate enough to discover the body, still warm. Now, he’s having a hard time coping. Since his marriage has shifted from idyllic into idle, Matt doesn’t think there’s any way to revive it, and so he heads out.

Now, their daughter has developed an attitude, Leslie’s mother-in-law moves in (complete with two large poodles), and Leslie is having a hard time coping. The only good news is that Leslie has the greatest lingerie collection known to womankind and she’s prepared to use it. Will she be able to win Matt back?

One More Time is the first book I’ve read by award-winning author Claire Cross, and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is well-written, the characters excellently developed, and the story is well-told. I couldn’t exactly identify with Leslie as I don’t have a lingerie collection any where near her collection, but still, it was interesting getting to know her and Matt, and learning what makes them tick.

The daughter, Annette, has a rough time adjusting to her father’s leaving, and she is very realistically developed. I could see my own teen reacting the same way she did. One More Time is a good, fun, "Sex in the City" kind of story, and one that you will enjoy.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Laura.

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