by Meg Allison

August 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-088-6
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When Sabrina got the call to tell her that her father had been killed in an auto accident, she knew that it was no accident..

Jason was her father's chaffeur and Sabrina's one time friend, but that had been a lot of years back when she was a 16 year old.

This is an exciting romantic suspense. Jason and Sabrina are two excellent characters and the electricity between the two characters is wonderful.

The story unfolds with a death and things hot up from there, with threats on Sabrina's life. Jason isn't all he seems either.

When her ex-husband winds up dead the finger points to Sabrina, but attempts had been made on her life too.

The tension in the story rises with each chapter and there are so many surprises in store to leave the reader gasping for more. Just when the reader thinks that they might be nearing a solution the plot takes another twist!

This is a real romantic suspense and the romance is strong. As the attraction builds up between Sabrina and Jason the reader gets to enjoy their relationship.

There are some excellent secondary characters. My favourite is the butler, John. He turns out to be full of surprises as of course Jason does too. The surprises are given when the reader least expects them heightening the enjoyment of the tale.

Meg Allison is a very good author and this book from her will have the reader wanting moreof her novels. She is a major talent.

Treat yourself to a belated Christmas present or as your first buy for the New year. This book is definitely a good way to start your reading New Year.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Mary.

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