by Sophie Jordan

August 2006
ISBN: 0-06-112220-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

England, 1835

Lady Meredith Brookshire was a widow without ever having been a wife! Daughter of a country vicar, Meredith had been a young impressionable girl swept away in a fairytale romance with an earl’s son, only to have it turn to a nightmare when he spurned her on their wedding night.

For seven years Meredith has been alone, managing her husband’s estate, Oak Run, and nursing a broken heart from his rejection. Meredith cares for her maiden aunt, her senile father, and her servants who have unsavory pasts. Her tenants depend on her as well. With news of her husband’s death comes the added shock that his estranged half-brother, Nicholas Caulfield, will inherit the estate and title, leaving Meredith and her extended entourage nothing! A plot is hatched by Meredith and her aunt to deceive Nick, so that Meredith will keep her home and her family together. Aside from some pangs of guilt at lying and cheating him of what is rightfully his, once Meredith gets to know the new handsome Lord Brookshire, she is overcome with feelings thought to have been long buried.

Nick and his mother were thrown out of Oak Run by his tyrannical father when he was a child. Watching his mother turn to prostitution in order to support them, Nick swears that he will never allow the emotion of love to rule him. Nick now co-owns one of the most notorious gaming hells in London. Hating the ton and all they represent, Nick wants little to do with his inheritance. The sooner he can find a new husband for his fiery tempered sister-in-law the better! There is one problem with his plan to rid himself of the scheming Meredith; Nick cannot bear the thought of her in anyone else’s bed but his!

Passions explode in rookie author Sophie Jordan’s debut novel, Once Upon a Wedding Night, and you won’t want to miss one glorious moment of the fireworks! Spirited Meredith doesn’t let life’s curve balls hit her, and Nick won’t get in her way of winning! Nick is cut from a different cloth then the fancy gents of the ton, and makes his own rules. Together they are one hot duo and this is sure to be a bookshelf keeper!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Bonnie.

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