by Sara Mackenzie

August 2006
ISBN: 0-06-079540-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Late summer, Drumaird Cottage

Scottish Highlands, Present Day

Arabella Ryan had been dreaming again. The old hag warned her of terrible things that would come through the open door between the real world, and the “in-between world.” Burned out from writing her novels of past historical figures, Bella has come to Drumaird Cottage in Loch Fasail with her significant other, Brian. Bella hopes to get enough background material for her next project, a book on The Black Maclean. Maclean had been an 18th century chieftain who had caused the annihilation of his entire clan through his mistakes in leadership. Becoming obsessed with Maclean was unraveling everything in Bella’s life, and now Brian had left, not that Bella seemed too disturbed by that fact. Their relationship had been deteriorating for months. Bella realizes that maybe Brian was right, she is too involved in her research of Maclean, and she is losing it! First, the dreams and now Bella could swear that Maclean’s ghost was here in the cottage with her, and is trying to communicate with her!

Having been awakened from his slumber in the “between world”, The Black Maclean was sent back to earth by the Fiosaiche, a Gaelic sorceress. Maclean was once a fierce warrior chieftain in 1746; however, his stubborn pride and inability to listen to reason had cost him everything. Now Maclean had a second chance to make things right, only it was the year 2006, and Maclean found himself lost in a world of metal monsters that roared down roads, and people that were dressed in strange costumes and spoke oddly! The worst part was that no one could see or hear him! That is until he arrives at what had been his home in Loch Fasail, and Maclean finds Bella. Bella thinks he is a ghost, but can a ghost pleasure a woman the way Maclean can. Bella is the key to Maclean’s redemption, the reason for the Return of the Highlander!

Sara Mackenzie (aka Sara Bennett) starts a new series of paranormal romances with a triumph! Return of the Highlander gives the reader all the elements needed for a phenomenal read filled with spicy romance, adventure and even mystery! Bella is a “real” woman with some meat on her bones and a brain in her head! Maclean is a hero who has made mistakes in the past and wants to learn from them so he can become the man he should have been! Sparks fly from the moment these two meet and the action does not stop until the very last page! Bring on the next in the series Sara Mackenzie I cannot wait!

Reviewed in June 2006 by Bonnie.

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