by Johanna Lindsey

June 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-0547-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books

Gabrielle Brooks sets out to find her father, the captain of a merchant, following her motherís death. What she finds instead is her father is a pirate obsessed with treasure hunting. After three years with her father sailing uncharted waters in search for long lost treasures, Gabrielle is less than enthusiastic when her father decides that she needs to return to London to find a proper husband. And he knows just the man who can help her enter polite society Ė his old friend James Mallory.

In London visiting his sister Georgina, Drew Anderson wants nothing to do with the London marriage mart. Although he canít seem to keep away from his sisterís charge Gabrielle, Drew could do without the husband hunting aspect of their socializing. When he embroils Gabrielle in a huge scandal the nigh before he is supposed to sail home, Drew sets the stage for a life changing adventure on the high seas.

Johanna Lindsey takes us back to the thrilling world of the dashing rogues of the Mallory family. Clever, witty dialogue is almost wasted on erratic characterization. Drewís off-the-cuff often insulting remarks make it hard to like him half the time and raise questions about Gabrielleís sanity for loving him. One minute you will want to jump him the next you will be looking for something to hit him with. Although Captive of my Desires fulfills Mallory cravings it failed to thrill me.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Cynthia.

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