by Rachel Gibson

October 2006
ISBN: 0-06-077317-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Romance author Clare Wingate, whom we met in Sex, Lies and Online Dating, finds her fiancé having sex with another man. She has no time to fall apart as she’s expected at her friends wedding in just a short while. But during the reception she drowns her sorrow in too much alcohol and wakes up to find she isn’t alone in her hotel room. She’s not very happy when she realizes the man she has no memory of sharing her bed with is none other than childhood nemesis Sebastian Vaughan.

Sebastian is a freelance reporter who finds he’s gotten weary of traveling around the world reporting tragedy after tragedy. Since his mother’s death he finds himself unsettled. His father has worked as a gardener for Clare’s mother for three decades, and Sebastian is in town to see if they can finally have some type of father/son relationship. After meeting a friend at the hotel, he spies Clare having too much to drink and does the chivalrous thing by taking her up to her hotel room and tucking her in. But when she wakes up, obviously horrified at finding herself mostly naked and unable to remember anything, he takes great pleasure in making up a rather erotic scenario.

While Clare tries to get over her latest failure of a relationship she tries to figure out why she always ends up picking men guaranteed to let her down. And she decides she’s not going to get involved with anyone again in the near future. Sebastian loves women but has never been in love. Settling down and having a family sounds like his own personal version of hell.

Although their childhood relationship had been mostly antagonistic, Sebastian and Clare start hanging out together and over the months discover they actually like each other. They also realize they have a really strong sexual attraction which they begin to find harder and harder to ignore.

Claire’s friends – Lucy, Maddie and Adele – are all present in this story. All writers of different genres, they all bring something different to the friendship. One thing they all agree on is Sebastian is hot, but they don’t want to see Claire get hurt again.

The story seems to develop very slowly, and for the first half of the book the characters don’t seem to like each other at all and hardly share any scenes. But in the second half things pick up and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow from friends to lovers.

Maddie will be the next to have her story told as she ventures to Truly, Idaho, which fans will recognize as the same setting for Truly, Madly Yours.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Jackie.

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