by Shana Abe

October 2006
ISBN: 0-553-80493-6
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Following the success of last year’s stunning novel, The Smoke Thief, author Shana Abe brings us another dramatic tale of the drakon. This time, the plot revolves around young Amalia Langford, the youngest daughter of Christoff and Rue from the previous tale. Amalia may be young and as yet shows no signs of the Gift, but she has her own power. She dreams the future. She dreams about Zane and the diamond called Draumr.

Zane is summoned to the Langford estate in Darkfrith. He is asked to travel to the Carpathian Mountains and locate a legendary diamond called Draumr. He has no idea where to look, and only the barest of details. But the reward they have offered will see to his comfort for years. As a former street urchin, Zane appreciates the finer things in life.

He has not seen Amalia in five years, and believes her to be secure in her Scottish finishing school. When he arrives in Hungary and discovers that she is a stunning young woman, he is almost beside himself. She should not be here unprotected. He is determined to see her safely home.

Amalia has other plans, plans that include helping Zane retrieve the legendary gem. She can hear the stone calling to her, singing to her, leading her to its underground resting place.

The Dream Thief is like an elaborate fairy tale. The fantasy is unsurpassed as the legend of the diamond unfolds through the story. Amalia’s gifts are the perfect counterpoint to Zane’s ruthless practicality. The visual imagery is stunning and the entire experience takes on a dream-like quality for the reader. The intertwining of the dream sequences, the fable, and the plot create an intriguing atmosphere that enchants. I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Abe’s fertile mind creates next.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Paula.

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