by Mary Buckham

May 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51406-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #92
Mass Market Paperback

What happens when you take five ordinary women and train them to be secret agents? You get Invisible Recruit. These five recruits have a wide range of backgrounds from a daughter of a former ambassador, to a schoolteacher to even a tarot card reader. What makes them all so unique that they can be agents? Why, what they do for a living and just how well they blend into the surroundings.

This is the first story in the line up of a new series from Ms. Buckham. The agency that is doing the recruiting is a secret agency and run by one former agent with the help of another agent to see what the women have and if they are cut out to be an agent.

This story deals with Vaughn the daughter of a former ambassador. She has always been a little difficult and a little on the wild side. But she is now getting to do what she has always longed to do and that is being an agent. It also appears that her prior friends have given her some hidden talents the agency didnít know about. But one M.T. Stone sure did find out about a few of them.

M.T. Stone is the guy to either break the women or train them for the business. The business can be very risky. Of course, M.T. is against these women, as they have had no formal training or school. It seems that M.T. also has it out for one of the recruits, Vaughn.

There is chemistry between Vaughn and M.T. and they both ignore it. They both know that nothing good would come from it. Just how long will the two of them fight the attraction before it comes to a complete meltdown?

Invisible Recruit was a story that had me turning the pages to find out just what hell M.T. would put the women through and if they would survive the exercise and training. Also just how far do Vaughnís resources go and will they always be there to help them when needed? The story will have you laughing, rooting for the women, and groaning at times at what they are doing and just what chances they take to accomplish a mission.

If youíre looking for a story with lots of action, that will have you cheering for these women and just see how close they come to accomplish the missions set before them, then pick up a copy of Invisible Recruit. You will not be disappointed. This has all the elements we have come to expect from the kiss-ass heroines of Bombshell. I canít wait for the next story of these recruits to hit the shelves.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Pam.

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