by Peggy Moreland

June 1995 Reissue
ISBN: 0-373-48473-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Fleeing a slimy, disgusting con artist of an ex-husband, Leighanna Farrow runs to a little town in Texas called Temptation. And running the little cafe and bar called “End of the Road” was temptation incarnate – Hank Braden.

Leighanna needed a job, and Hank needed a waitress. Sure, Leighanna didn’t jump all over him right away, which Hank found slightly annoying, but he also figured her for a fancied-up city girl who couldn’t hold up her end of a waitressing job for more than two hours!

Well, in this fun little story of love lost and found, they’re both proved wrong. Leighanna astonishes Hank by not only being the best waitress he’s ever had, but also perking up the place so much that business picks up. And Leighanna astonishes herself when she finds herself fighting the urge to climb all over Hank. Hank, for his part, can’t understand why the one woman who has really rocked his boat won’t jump overboard and come swim in the lake of desire with him!

This story just barely escapes the saccharine – Rebecca is good, but not too good. She has her moments of depression and desperation, as does Hank. Yes, he’s gorgeous, good in bed, etc. etc. But he’s also hurting, angry sometimes, and scared as heck that Leighanna might be something different that he can’t handle in his usual love ‘em and leave ‘em fashion.

It’s not the greatest romance in the world, but it does have all the necessary prerequisites – a nice hero, an identifiable heroine, plenty of secondary characters to add color, and a plot that moves along nicely with the romance. It’s part of a two-for-one deal – and I think it’s a good deal – double the romance for the same price.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Celia.

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