by Dawn Thompson

September 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52679-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Cashel Cosgrove, County Meath, Ireland

December, 1811

“Ye are the Falcon’s bride!” The words that the old crone had whispered into Theodosia Barrington’s ear were still ringing in her mind. After several seasons Thea was finally betrothed to wealthy and handsome Nigel Cosgrove, and was trying to put aside the “incident” Nigel was rumored to be associated with. Here at Nigel’s ancestral home, Cashel Cosgrove in Ireland, Thea found herself caught up in the castle’s legend. Spurred on by the gypsy’s mutterings and the tale of the half gypsy half Celt warlord, Ros Drumcondra, Thea became obsessed with Ros.

The Falcon, Ros Drumcondra, had been the lord of this keep before his betrayal and defeat at the hands of Nigel’s dastardly predecessor Cian Cosgrove in the 17th century. It was said that Ros had stolen Cian’s intended bride in revenge and made her his love slave. Ros’ restless spirit still roamed these hills looking to bring vengeance against all the Cosgrove. Thea was compelled by all she was hearing and the cries of the Falcon that was soaring above in the sky guides her to Drumcondra’s supposed tomb to seek the warrior who knew no boundaries in any realm.

Thrust back through the strange time corridors that the bird knows, Thea finds herself in the very real steely arms of Ros Drumcondra. It is Thea alone who can bring about the change in history that will salvage Ros’ doomed life and once again the all powerful Falcon would rule with his beautiful bride by his side!

An out of the ordinary blend of paranormal, time travel, and romance combine in Dawn Thompson’s The Falcon’s Bride. The plotline has to be followed carefully or the reader will become as lost as Thea does in the time corridors. Ros is splendid as the warlord he is portrayed to be. As ruthless and cunning as his familiar the Falcon Isor, Ros is a force to be reckoned with in any time period. Thea on the other hand can be irritating and conflicted. She spends most of the story fighting off advances of all the men, Ros’ minions, Ros himself, and both villainous Cosgroves! This becomes tiresome, like how many times can a woman be “almost” raped? Then the light bulb goes on in Thea’s empty head that the bird and Ros are not her enemies, but are her saviors. Comeuppance is delivered in both time periods to the Cosgrove baddies, and gives the zip the story needed!

Reviewed in October 2006 by Bonnie.

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