by Harry E. Gilleland

April 2006
ISBN: 1411686934
Reviewer Graphic Button LuLu Enterprises
Trade Paperback

Jennifer James just wanted to clean out, sell her parents house and get back to her life. She didnít like living there as a child, she has no intention of living in the house as an adult. Her neighbor down the road wants to buy the property. She has heard stories about Michael Garrett, she does not want to sell to him, he makes her nervous.

Michael Garrett has been branded a murderer by the people in the area. He does not try to convince people he is not what they think of him. He keeps to himself, keeping his past a secret. He does however want to have the property which overlaps with his.

When something in the woods is scaring Jennifer, she stays at Michael's for protection. She gets to know Michael and believes him when he says he did not kill anyone. When she discovers certain things in his house, she believes he has been lying to her, just to get a hold of her parentís property. She does not know who to believe, Michael or the people in the area.

Sally Jeffers came home to visit her parents. She and Jennifer grew up together on White Lightning Road, have kept in touch throughout the years. Sally has been trying to raise her son without a father. She starts a relationship with a much younger man, which in the end does not work out. Her boss is a jerk. Her life is in the downward slide. When two strangers approach her and ask her to help them by spying on Michael, that it is a case of national security, she agrees to do it. She finds herself somewhat attracted to one of the agents, she believes she does not stand a chance with him, but her life is about to take a sharp turn for the better.

Typical boy meets girl novel with twists the reader did not see coming. White Lightning Road is two stories in one book. Jenniferís story and Sallyís story. This is Harry E. Gilleland Jr.ís first contemporary novel.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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