by Carly Phillips

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77126-6
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Three teenage friends plan the death of one of them. The reason why is so she can escape her abusive uncle, who was only after her trust fund. Her parents had died and left her in the custody of her uncle. The plan to escape was not to be spoken of again. Now years later the plan they hitched as teenagers must come to light.

Lilly had to escape as she knew she would never make it living with her uncle. Especially not after putting her into a foster home, so it would scare her to straighten up. Only it didnít, it formed the friendship that would last a lifetime.

Lilly changed her name to Lacey Kincaid when she made her way to New York City. To say it was easy it was not, she struggled for years and finally made it on her own. She now owns Odd Jobs and is very successfully at it.

It seems that Hunter has made it on his own now and is a successful lawyer. He hears at the courthouse that Mark Dumont is going to declare Lilly dead. Now it is up to Ty to go to Lilly and bring her back home.

The feelings of Lilly and Ty have they diminished over the years or have they just gotten stronger? After ten years apart is there a reason neither of them has married? Only time will tell, and what about Alex, her boyfriend and maybe her fiancť is she will answer his marriage proposal? What is stopping her from saying yes?

The trip to Hawkenís Cove was not a pleasant one. Lilly has to bury the past once and for all and Ty is there to help her every step of the way. Cross My Heart starts out with the plan of Lillyís escape from Hawkenís Cove and is filled with danger along the way. Someone is trying to kill Lilly and Ty is there to protect her. Both Lilly and Ty have their own demons to deal with and hopefully move forward. There is a mystery of just who is trying to kill her and whoever is with Lilly is also in danger.

Ms. Phillips has given us a wonderful story of finding your true love, even after being separated for years. She shows that friendship doesnít fall apart because one person moves away but it is like coming home once they are together again. We are introduced to several characters in Cross My Heart and Iím hoping we are able to see them again in later stories.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pam.

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