by Morgan J. Blake

July 2002
ISBN: 1-59105-054-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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Lamentation Culver has enough problems of his own. So why does he go out of his way to help a woman who practically fell out of the stagecoach into his arms? For one thing, she's married. For another thing, she's pregnant. Very pregnant. Luckily, Lamentation, or Lam as he's called, has a mother who is a midwife. He should just leave Analise with her and forget all about the plucky blond woman from Boston. But somehow he just can't get her out of his mind. To make matters worse Analise has come looking for her husband, and the man in question has changed his name and moreover, Lam suspects, is in deep trouble with two card-shark outlaws by the name of Tolliver and Keyes.

Analise knows nothing about the ways of the west. Come to find her husband in order for him to be present at the birth of their first child she doesn't realise how vast and dangerous the territory can be. From town, she sets out on foot to her husband's cabin, not realizing it's a two-hour hike. Luckily, Lam picks her up in his wagon and drops her off. But in the cabin she finds not her wayward husband, but a couple of angry card sharks. Seems her husband has made off with their money and now they want it back.

Western fans watch out! Analise is one of the toughest characters to get off a stagecoach! Bad news and disaster seem to follow each of her steps, but she faces everything with aplomb. Lam can't help feeling sympathy for the spirited woman, and swears to help her anyway he can. His family warns him to step back. They know that Tolliver and Keyes mean trouble. But worse than Tolliver and Keyes, Lam knows he's fallen in love with Analise pregnant or not, married or not. But what he doesn't know is that he'll soon have to chose between his life and hers, that he'll have to trust a man who has hated him since he was born, and that he'll soon be pointing a gun at the man Analise traveled west to find. What will his decision be?

Read The Canyon Lands you'll be on the edge of your stagecoach seat all the way through the book on a trip through the wild, wild, west with Analise and Lamentation. I promise, you'll enjoy the journey! I couldn't put the book down, and found myself enjoying every minute of Analise's wild west adventure. I thought Lam was a well-drawn, interesting character whose problems threaten to overwhelm him at times. But it's Analise, nine months pregnant and tough as nails who steals the show.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Jennifer.

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