by Angeline Bright

April 2006
ISBN: 1-59278-199-4
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Archaeologist Bonnie Waites is hoping to make the discovery of her career in Armenia. Leading a dig for the first time she is hoping to uncover some of the ancient mysteries that has made Armenia a fought over country for centuries. Dissatisfied in her relationship with arrogant dig assistant, Reg, Bonnie convinces herself that work is the one thing that is ever going to be her constant. Despite this cynical outlook on her love life, she yearns for a soul mate.

Discovering a precious artefact, Bonnie is devastated when it goes missing. Blaming a local smuggler, things begin to get out of hand, and she learns that lurking beneath the surface of the dig lies a dangerous evil, an evil just waiting for a chance to be reawakened and take Armenia for his own.

Thrust into a world of ancient battles and enchanted warriors, Bonnie comes face to face with the Watcher - a guardian set to watch over Armenia. He alone can protect the world from the mindless evil that lurks beneath the earth. But just like Bonnie he yearns for a love that will complete his ancient soul...

Ancient Yearnings is an intriguing novella. From the moment you open the first few pages, the world of Armenia comes alive! The attention to detail in the scenery, and the setting, is striking. As a dissatisfied woman in a manís world, it is easy to identify with Bonnieís struggles - should she exist for her career or live in hope of finding true love?

The Watcher proves to be a perfect hero to Bonnieís heroine. He is everything she ever dreamed of. He completes her in a way that no other man has done. Reading the blossoming love between the two is touching. Although the novella is only 70 pages long, Angeline Bright weaves in tales of ancient battles, magic, and timeless love in a faultless way.

I found Ancient Yearnings to be a gem of a novella. Something I would highly recommend for a quick read in one sitting!

Reviewed in May 2006 by Donna.

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