by Romona Hiliger

April 2006
ISBN: 1-905393-41-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Linden Bay Romance

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Megan Ducass is driving cross country in Australia with married couple Jessica and Nat. Having recently broken up with her fiancé after finding evidence of his having an affair, Jessica thought it would be a good idea for Meg to get away for awhile. Meg accepted mostly because this adventure would give her a chance to take some photographs with which she was hoping to secure a lucrative American contract.

When she spies a handsome man who seems to be following the same path, she finds herself daydreaming about him. Finding him camped next to them she learns his name is Buck Daniel and discovers him even more attractive up close. But he’s aloof and obviously traveling on a mission.

After a heated fight with Nat, Meg decides it would be best if she separated herself from her friends and opts to take off on her own. Buck overhears the fight and offers to give her a ride to the closest hotel. She eventually talks him into taking her with him to his next destination. At first he just tells her he’s hunting down a man who worked for him the previous year and she assumes the man had stolen from him. Later she learns the man had raped Buck’s wife whom later died as a result.

Along the way the two find themselves drawn to each other, although Buck fights his attraction as well as the guilt he feels over betraying his wife. He also fears that Meg is too high class to ever want to settle for a man like himself.

While the story definitely has potential, I felt at times confused by the writing. Some scenes just didn’t flow well and seemed to move too quickly, without enough detail to completely flesh them out. I also had a problem with how wishy washy the characters sometimes behaved. However I very much enjoyed the Australian terms that were used and felt the author did a terrific job of painting the landscape.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Jackie.

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