by Kimberly Logan

July 2006
ISBN: 0-06-079256-6
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Mass Market Paperback

A feeling of dread brought young Jillian Daventry out of slumber. Her sister Maura is equally alarmed. As the girls enter the library, hoping to find their parents, their lives are about to be forever changed. Even their baby sister Aimee will not be spared on this night.

Author Kimberly Logan bases her new trilogy on the life-altering tragedy that befell the Daventry sisters that night. Their father, once a renowned criminologist, has never fully recovered, and has given up his hobby to concentrate on his estate and his daughters. The scandals of the past have made it difficult to keep them in the tonís good graces, and he hopes that Maura will have a successful season. Jillianís was a disaster.

Lady Jillian Daventry has no desire to ruin her sisterís comeout, but she is not going to stand by and allow her motherís memory to be tarnished once again. Like an avenging goddess, she engages, and wins the verbal sparring match, unaware that she has had an audience.

Connor Monroe did not mean to eavesdrop. He was minding his own business, hoping that the Bow Street Runner he hired would hurry up. He did not have time to be skulking about on a balcony while his partnerís killer ran loose. Imagine his surprise when the lawman reveals that it is Lady Jillian who can help him capture the murderer.

Jillian knows that she should not get involved in another case. If her participation is discovered, her family will once again be ostracized by society. But there may be a chance to learn what happened to her mother, and Jillian has spent years trying to learn the truth. And, if she is completely honest, there is something compelling about Connor Monroe. She finds herself completely attracted to the successful businessman, even if he doubts her abilities.

Sins of Midnight is a sensuous thrill ride, full of danger and delight. Ms. Logan has set the stage for the next two books in fine fashion. The plot was quick paced, but smoothly written so that you scarcely realize that time has passed when you reach the end of the story. The suspenseful aspects are well timed, and keep you guessing for quite a while. I am eager to find out what happens to Maura and Aimee, and look forward to the remaining books.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Paula.

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