by Jina Bacarr

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-60510-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Spice
Trade Paperback

The beauty and grace of a Geisha is told through the language of their bodies and riddled words. Words subtle and coy. Beckoning to their male partners as if they were born for the manís pleasure.

When a dangerous situation changes Kathlene and her fatherís lives, a little girlís dream of being a geisha might come true. But, not all things upon their polished and gilded surfaces are the same beneath.

Kathlene Mallory and her father are foreigners living and thriving in the exotic country of Japan in the late eighteen hundreds. Suddenly Kathleneís life changes in the blink of an eye. Her father will leave her in safekeeping at the Teahouse of the Look-Back Tree. It is there that the realities and customs of the geishaís lives will be exposed, in a world forbidden to foreigners. Revealing exotic, erotic, and the unpleasant to Kathlene.

A girlís dreams of being a geisha seem to be coming true. Only the circumstance that brought Kathlene to the Teahouse of Look-Back Tree are shrouded in danger and hidden secrets, that if revealed could get her killed.

It will be between two very different men and for different reasons that they will fight for her body and soul. With her awakening sexuality, Kathlene will soon learn the difference, and so will you when you open the book to bask in the beautiful and sensuous world of The Blonde Geisha.

This reviewer to date has never run across another author who could use anatomically correct words and make them seem beautiful and right, like Ms. Bacarr does. Her language of love in The Blonde Geisha is flowing like a bubbling brook over its pebbled bottom, easy and gracefulónatural. The wordplay is extraordinary throughout the entire book, which left this reader in awe of Ms. Bacarrís talented crafting.

Ms. Bacarrís voice is like a songbird; many will fall under its sensuous currents.

If you love beauty in words that are feathered within an erotic tale, then rush out and buy The Blonde Geisha when this remarkable book hits the shelves August 2006. It comes with high regards from this reviewer!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Janalee.

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