by Ana Leigh

March 2002
ISBN: 0-380-82007-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

When I first heard of a new MacKenzie book coming out, I was thrilled and when I learned of the title, Jared. I was trying to figure out just which MacKenzie family he belonged to. Well, I soon found out Jared was not a MacKenzie at all, but this was Luke and Honey's daughter's story.

The book opens up with Kathleen Drummond (aka Kitty) at the funeral of her husband and long time friend. After two years of feeling guilty over his death, she sets off on an adventure of her own, much to the disapproval of her father. She travels to Dallas to stay with her cousin, Jake and Beth. On the train trip to Dallas, she meets a very disgruntled man.

Soon after her arrival she is asked to temporarily become a nanny to Jared Fraser's twin 8-year-old daughters. Jared did not hire her, but his father did. She accepts the position and the twins want no part of a nanny, they think they are old enough not to have one. The first meeting between Jared and Kitty did not enamor them to each other, so to speak. The disgruntled man on the train happens to be the same man, Jared Fraser. The twins try many, many different stunts to make her leave but she does not, she grew up with Zach and Cole and knows all the tricks to be played.

Jared Fraser is a very private person, keeping his own council and not letting himself love anyone even his own daughters. He is also a career military man, who has sustained injuries while on assignment and afraid his career is over. Slowly, Kitty draws Jared out of his shell to start thinking about others, drawing him back into the land of the living.

Kitty is just like all the other Mackenzie’s, strong, stubborn and tells it like it is. She holds nothing back. And that is exactly what it takes to help Jared become a father to his two prankster daughters. This also helps heal the girls, hurt by their mother leaving them.

All the while Jared and Kitty are sparring with each other, they fall in love. Jared and Kitty's plans do not work out the way they wanted. They must overcome several obstacles that have be thrown in their way like mother nature, Jared's ex-wife and of course we can not forget his prankster twins. The act of Mother Nature is the simplest to overcome, Jared's ex-wife is not that easy and their lives as well as Jared's family is thrown to the media. The pranks the twins play to try to get Jared and Kitty together are hilarious - and sometimes not so hilarious and in fact dangerous, but they are rescued time and again by Kitty, and the last major adventure they embark on sees them safely to their destination with some very quick witted thinking on their part.

Ms. Leigh never fails in capturing my attention from the first page and holding it till the very end, and this book was no exception! We were able to have a little glimpse of some of our favorite "family" members once again. In just a few more months, we will be able to meet Cole once again and find out what Ms. Leigh has in store for that MacKenzie man.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Pam.

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