by Leslie Kelly

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-7133-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Pilot Max Taylor wants nothing more than to make his charter airline service a success. Since his divorce several years earlier, followed by a lifestyle of drinking and womanizing, he’s turned his life around and wants to move on. He just doesn’t understand why there are women literally throwing themselves at him every where he goes. But all makes sense when he gets word a book has been written by a late congressman’s widow and she has included a very steamy chapter about him. He immediately sics his lawyers on them to try and prevent the publication of the memoirs. Even more bad news follows when he learns his eccentric grandfather has just purchased a small town in Pennsylvania named Trouble. Since his other two brothers’ aren’t available, he’s assigned the task of trying to get his grandfather to sell the town to someone else.

Sabrina Cavanaugh is a junior book editor whose career would really benefit from the publication of the memoirs. She’s both curious and disgusted by the things she reads about Max and comes up with a plan. She knows he’s in Trouble, PA and she sets out to seduce him and to prove he’s exactly the kind of man written about in the book, thereby preventing him from halting its publication. Sabrina is going to pretend to be a wealthy heiress who herself is interested in investing in the small town. Immediately upon finding the small town, she runs into Max, though she doesn’t realize who he is.

Max is very intrigued by the sexy newcomer to town, but since he’s trying to lay low and change people’s perceptions of himself, he tries to ignore his attraction to her. At first he keeps up the pretense that he’s the easy going mechanic she first met. But then soon he realizes she’s easy to open up to, and he really is the guy he’s pretending to be. Sabrina can’t help but wonder if Max is as he seems or if he’s playing a role. When she finds herself falling for him she has to decide if exposing him is what she really wants.

With a mystery involving stolen funds responsible for bankrupting the town, and a host of secondary characters, this book is a delight from the very beginning. There is the perfect amount of humor without making the story too light or silly. After reading this story you’ll certainly be anxious for the sequel Asking For Trouble. Here’s hoping all the Taylor brothers will get a story of their own.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Jackie.

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