by Debbie Raleigh

April 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7171-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Wedding Wish is a witty, entertaining read that will take you away from reality for a few hours. We meet Rachel Cresswell the youngest daughter of Devilish Dandy, the renowned jewel thief.

Rachel is stubborn with beautiful blonde hair, hazel eyes, a kind heart and seems to have a following of gentlemen falling over themselves to seduce her. But she is only a flirt and has a bigger plan in mind. Revenge! Revenge against Lady Broswell who would rather Rachel fall off the planet than have to endure her company at any function. At Rachel and Lady Broswells’ most recent sparring match, Rachel sees Anthony Clarke for the first time and is instantly attracted to his good looks. He was dressed all in black except for his shirt and he was adorned with no jewelry. Anthony had his first sparring match with Rachel soon after her match with Lady Broswell.

Anthony is wealthy, an inventor, and he likes his quiet life and does not go out into the ton very often. He also stutters which endears him to Rachel even more. He also sees right through Rachel to her kind heart and her caring nature. But his life is about to be disrupted by his growing attraction to Rachel. He also tries to head her out of trouble whenever he can.

This is a fun and fast read. The hero and heroine have sparks flying from the moment they meet. Rachel’s revenge against Lady Broswell turns into justice where Rachel is able to help another person. Rachel and Anthony are not the only ones that fall in love, some of the secondary characters do as well.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Pam.

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