by Jill Winters

May 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21836-1
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

The first meeting between Gretchen and Rick is a foretelling of how the story goes. He is saving her and being a jerk part of the time. And she is having accidents and not all of her own making.

Iím not quite sure I connected with any of the characters in the story. Gretchen liked to wear sexy nightgowns but her bed was loaded down with covers. She was a chef but instead of her cooking she accepted a job at The Cooking Channel to be a set supervisor.

Rick is a firefighter. That is how they first met. Gretchen had a fire in the apartment she shared with her cousin Dana. Her cousin had left a candle burning and it caught the curtains on fire. He was being a jerk to Gretchen and giving her down the road for leaving the candle burning and he didnít believe her that is wasnít her fault and it wasnít her bedroom.

Now at Gretchenís job she gets to meet one Mr. Romeo Ramero. She isnít impressed with him but her boss is and she is suppose to be asking him a question. Only it seems that Rick who happens to be Brettís aka Romeoís brother that Gretchen is after Brett whenever they are together. This of course makes Rick made and turns into a standoffish jerk.

There are hidden agendas in the story. Someone has been threatening Brett, Gretchen has been having accidents and one of the agents is now dead. Just who is doing all of this and will they be able to solve the murder without one of them getting hurt in the process.

For some reason Lime Ricky just did not hold my attention. Iím not sure if it was Rick and his hot again cold again treatment of Gretchen or Gretchen herself or maybe Susanna, Gretchenís boss. The storyline was good; I was surprised at the ending of who was behind the accident and murder. Iíve enjoyed other stories by Jill Winters and this one will not put be off from reading her again.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Pam.

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