by Anne Whitfield

November 2006
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Trade Paperback

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This is a family story concerning 7 sisters. They live in a large house which is part of an estate. The father is a cruel man who only wanted a son which he never had. His wife Diana comes from aristocratic stock while he is trade but with a knack of making money. But things start to go wrong when his mistress dies in childbirth but gives birth to a healthy son. The eldest daughter, Grace is the focal point of the story. She is the one who holds the family together. But she has her own problems and the sisters start to rebel and the man Grace loves is engaged to a wealthy heiress because he needs the money he will marry her though he loves Grace.

This story has so much to offer. The lives of the seven sisters are so diverse. It is fascinating reading about the direction their lives take, especially in relation to their father who wanted to marry them to the highest bidder, but a stroke leaves him partially paralyzed, and he is forced to leave the running of his affairs to Grace as a temporary measure.

I found the characters fascinating and the way the author handles them bringing out their problems and their hopes and fears. Letitia develops a drinking problem, the way the author handles it with honesty and the effects on her sisters is so well done. Again it is Grace who shoulders the burden of this with the help of the butler Doyle.

Doyle is in love with Grace but their station in life is so different that he feels he has no chance with her.

I am so glad I have my own copy of this marvelous book as I will read it more than once. There is so much to get out of it. From romance to tension to sadness to joy. It has everything a reader could wish for.

I have read Anne Whitfield before and enjoyed her books but this one is her very best in my honest opinion. I urge everyone to go and buy this book as it is a spectacular read.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Mary.

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