by Amanda Scott

August 2002
ISBN: 0-446-61032-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

In Amanda Scott's latest release, we once again meet Sir Patrick MacRae, Fin Mackenzie and Molly Mackenzie from The Abducted Heiress. When I started reading The Hidden Heiress it was like visiting old friends again. Except this time, we learn more about Sir Patrick MacRae as he is on a mission to free Lord Kintail (Fin Mackenzie) from being held hostage by King James. Cardinal Beaton told Patrick that he could help free Fin by being a spy and that is where our story begins.

Patrick is on the run from Angus’ men who are trying to capture him. When he comes across Elspeth, she hides him from the men that are searching for him. Patrick is big, handsome and fiercely loyal. In his adventure he becomes a falconer to train a goshawk called Zeus that he intends to give to the King at the celebration in Stirling that will celebrate his birth and the birth of his new son.

Elspeth Douglas is not who she thinks she is at all. She is very much attracted to Patrick, feels comfortable and safe with him. She is beautiful, has long hair and has a personality that has laid dormant until Patrick comes into her life. The wife and daughters of Sir Hector, who took her in when she was just a babe and was told she was baseborn from Angus, do not treat her kindly. In fact, she was the maidservant to the two harpies and had to help with many of the numerous chores.

There are many twists, turns and deceptions along the way, from both the wee folks that were looking for Elizabeth Gordan and the secondary characters. From the first meeting between Patrick and Elspeth they had feelings for each other. Those feelings escalate until threats are made against Beth and Patrick declares they are married in the middle of a ball. I am not going to give away more of the story or it will ruin it.

It comes to light the Elspeth is actually Elizabeth Gordan and she finds herself in real trouble that takes many to help her get out of, from Patrick, her now husband, to Fin and Molly, her mom, and even the goshawk, Zeus.

Ms. Scott was able to weave a tale of deception, conspiracy and love that is found in the most unlikely place. When I started reading the book, I was swept away. I love being able to read and feel like I am actually there with the hero and heroine and can vividly picture the glens, castles and all the scenes by the descriptions. Lets not forget the wee folks of Maggie and her son, Brown Claud, and the other wee folks that all play a role in this great story. Happily, this is not the end of us seeing Fin, Molly, Beth and Patrick. Readers can look forward to Amanda Scott's next book that deals with Barbara, who is Patrick’s sister and who we met briefly in this story.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Pam.

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