by Lori Leigh

July 2006
ISBN: 0-9785368-4-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Vintage Romance Publishing
Trade Paperback

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Melissa was spending her vacation in the beautiful highlands of Scotland. She found herself so immersed in the lush countryside that she had a tendency to wander away from the tour group. It was one such occasion that changed her life forever. She’d walked into the middle of a battle filled with legendary warriors. She should be concerned about getting back to her life in the future, but when the Laird who’d rescued her was around thinking became difficult.

Alexander MacKenna was Laird of the Game, Chief of the MacKenna Clan. He’d won the title fairly and had reigned since he was eighteen years old. Every summer Alex and his brothers abandoned their twenty-first century lifestyles to become Celtic warriors in a game invented by an ancestor so long ago. For one month the players were expected to live as though it was 1745. Modern conveniences were forbidden. Everything from the way they spoke and dressed to the way they behaved had to be within the game’s boundaries. Alex had played for so long that he was on the verge of boredom, but then heaven dropped an angel in his arms and his verve was restored – for more than the game. When Alex realized that Melissa believed she had stumbled through a portal into the past, he secured oaths to keep the game a secret. True, if she were to leave the game would be compromised and many people would lose money, but more than that, Alex was enamored of the sweet lady. He wanted to keep his gift from heaven. The problem was...Would she forgive his deception once she found out?

Although this book is not an actual time travel the reader still must suspend belief to enjoy Laird of the Game. That Melissa would not uncover the truth sooner seemed a bit unbelievable. Regardless, the concept is fun with a fresh twist that is welcome in this reviewer’s opinion. Alex is a yummy hero who is easy to fall for and Melissa is a likeable heroine for whom the reader will be cheering. I love family themes and this book has that in the seven MacKenna brothers. As secondary characters, which include a horse, Alex’s brothers leap off the page and into the reader’s hearts. Ms. Leigh’s humor tops off this sweet but spicy read. I highly recommend Laird of the Game for fans of historical and contemporary romances alike.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Rho.

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