by Lauraine Snelling

August 2006
ISBN: 0-7642-2809-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Ellie Wold is on her way back to Blessing, North Dakota, where she is about to graduate high school, and will soon marry Andrew Bjorklund. It seems forever since she last saw him. She can’t wait to have her own home, her own garden, and her own chickens to tend to. She is however concerned about having children, she knows so many women who have lost their babies, it the same thing happen to her? When she arrives in Blessing, it seems for some reason Andrew’s parents want them to wait to get married, its nothing specific, it’s just a feeling they have. She doesn’t want to wait, but she agrees to. Why do they want them to wait?

Andrew Bjorklund is beside himself. The woman he loves is about to come back to him. He has waited for this woman it seems like forever. He is building their future, their house, and barn. He can’t wait to be Ellie’s husband. When his parents ask him and Ellie to wait a while longer before they are married, his anger takes over, how can they ask this of him? Why wouldn’t they tell him the reason for the wait? When events start happening which prevent them from marrying, Andrew starts to put distance between everyone and himself, including Ellie.

Ellie and Andrew start having disagreements, Ellie is starting to wonder if maybe Andrew is not the right man for her. When Ellie is seriously injured when their barn burns down, Andrew is horrified, he knows Ellie knows who started the fire, but she will not tell him. When he confronts the person he believes is responsible, he beats him almost to death. Andrew is arrested for the beating, if the person dies, Andrew is facing murder charges. Andrew and Ellie’s faith is tested to its limits through this horrible time. Will their love survive? Will Andrew be able to look at himself and understand the events happened for a reason?

This is a wonderful new series by Lauraine Snelling. It is a spin-off of her The Red River of the North series. This new series is centered on the children of people in the original series. The reader will not be disappointed A Promise for Ellie.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pat.

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