by Susan Kearney

November 2001
ISBN: 0-373-22640-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #640
Mass Market Paperback

Architect Alexandra Golden is about to embark on the biggest project of her career, the construction of a 210 story bank building that she designed. She has worked really hard for this moment and is extremely excited that the project is about to get off the ground. She doesn't need complications in her life right now but complications are certainly what she gets.

Alexandra has been tracked down by her brother Jake Cochran. Alexandra has always known she was adopted and didn't even know she had a brother until a few days ago when a letter arrived from him along with some documents about their past. Documents that someone will kill to keep secret. Alexandra is approached in her appartment by a delivery man who claims the package from her brother has been delivered to the wrong address. Sensing something is wrong she grabs her bank blueprints, the package from her brother and her purse and car keys and hightails it out the back door just as the "delivery man" kicks in her front door. Alexandra runs smack dab into the most georguos man she has ever seen. Thinking he is working with the delivery man she gives him the slip too as bullets are flying ...running and hiding in a trash dumpster.

The georgous guy in reality is Roark Stone, a bodyguard sent by Jake to protect his sister. Roark quickly takes care of the delivery guy and he runs away empty handed. Roark goes searching for Alexandra and finds her smelling none to great in the dumpster. Finally convincing her that he has been sent by her brother to help her, they both return to her apartment and the two begin a relationship that is way beyond platonic!

Susan Kearney for me has become one of the best authors in the Intrigue line. Her hallmark trilogys are some of the best written stories in this line. Hidden Hearts is a fantastic sequel to Jake's story in The Hidden Years. When reading a series, I try not to pick a favorite among the stories but more often than not I fail. Hidden Hearts is clearly my favorite in this great series.

Ms. Kearney has a knack for writing strong heroines and Alexandra Golden is no exception. Roark Stone is the perfect counter part to her character though, as he is just as clever and resourceful as her. They are the perfect couple. Ms. Kearney keeps the suspense going throughout this book. She also throws in her hallmark passion for the couple. Ms. Kearney writes some of the best love scenes of any Intrigue author out there! This is one of the best stories I have read in this line in some time.

I love Ms. Kearney's Intrigue trilogies and look forward to the new one coming out this fall. If you like your romance mixed with suspense, then look for a book by Susan Kearney and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Barbara.

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