by Jackie Ivie

December 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7808-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

New Voice, Jackie Ivie, is going to take the historical romance genre by storm, and I'm not talking about a little thunder-bumper here...I'm talking tornado!

Morganna KilCreggar is the last of her clan of the once proud KilCreggar's. When she is forced to plunder the dead of the killing fields, she knows that it's what she must do to survive, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. Dressed as a lad, she comes across a dead warrior whom she proceeds to take from what she can. But when she checks to see that he is well and truly dead, he turns on her and gives chase, finally catching and taking her to the ground. This is no wounded soul but a striking and brutal warrior, who has no idea that he is lying atop a female dressed as a boy. But she knows right away that the look in his eye cannot mean good for her.

Alexander FitzHugh cannot believe that someone must stoop to stealing from the dead, but when this small, thin, strip of a lad tried to steal from him, he would have none of it. Now having "Morgan" as his prisoner, he decides that in repent, the lad (Morgan) will serve as his squire, until such time as Alexander gives him his freedom.

With each passing day, Alexander can't seem to understand his growing fascination with the lad "Morgan". As time goes on and they start to know each other more, Morgan cannot help but become worried that he will somehow see through her disguise, then what would he do. But what worries her more is the fact that Alexander's clan was the clan that wiped out her whole family, her life, every one and everthing that she ever loved. She swore a long time ago that she would one day avenge her clan and kill the Laird of clan FitzHugh, but how can she now that she has fallen in love with the brother of the Laird?

This story is a true romance. You have passion, adventure, intrigue, passion, drama, passion...well you get the picture. Morganna (Morgan) is caught between avenging her family and falling in love with the very man whose clan wiped them out. She has spent her whole life training, beating any male that she could with her skills as a hunter and warrior, but with Alexander she feels anything but masculine. Something that she's has never felt before.

Now, Alexander on the other hand, is used to the women falling all over him...he's very handsome you know. And the fact that he has always been a ladies man and enjoyed a woman's company, he can't understand why he is so attacted to his squire, Morgan. He starts to believe that there is something wrong with him, because he's actually starting to fall in love with him (Morgan). But when Morganna finally reveals her true self to him, the whole books sets on fire. Oh, the passion...Oh, the sex, Oh MY!!

I absolutely loved this book. The characters jump right off the page, the settings are breathtaking and the secondary characters are fantastic. There is nothing about this book that I didn't like. This is an absolute keeper for your romance collection.


Reviewed in April 2006 by Debbie.

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