by Lucinda Betts, Bonnie Edwards, Sasha White

July 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1466-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Are you looking for a book that is so hot that it will scorch your fingertips when you read it? How about one that will set your pulse pounding and your skin tightening with each turn of the page? Well, welcome to the erotic heat of Pure Sex! This book is filled from front to back with nothing but the best erotic contemporary stories know to man or woman…

Zoe is a hard workingwoman in a field made up of mainly men; she has the persona of an ice queen. But if someone took the time to crack her icy shell, they just might find the fire burning below and the heart of a seductress lurking close at hand. That someone works with Zoe and he will bet their promotional bonus that he is man enough to quench her fire down below, while sparking her desire for him.

The Bet is by author Lucinda Betts. Ms. Betts writes with a highly erotic and tasteful pen. Using a novel premise she draws the reader completely into the story that keeps the pages turning. The dialogue between the two main characters is sure to get the readers hot and bothered and hungry for more. Nicely done, Ms. Betts!

What would you do if your man left you at the alter on your wedding day? Teri will take the intended honeymoon by herself, leaving her all alone with the very dashing and rugged Caribbean charter captain, Jared McKay. The Caribbean has never been so hot and the waves will never top the ones these two create on the high seas.

Slow Hand is by author Bonnie Edwards. This was absolutely sexier than all get out. The heat between Jared and Teri left this reader squirming in lusty visions of her own. The sparks that literally flow between these two could also ignite the pages themselves, no matches needed for this erotic heater. This reader will be waiting for the next erotic wonder Ms. Edwards will pen. Hopeful something just as hot and soon!

Alexis Signorino is a private investigator and she is working undercover in a rough and rowdy biker bar called The Crib. She is looking for a murderer and damn it looks like the one tall, dark and deadly handsome man that completely sends all her sexual hormones south is the one she is looking for. Her sixth sense has never let her down and it is telling her there is something shady about this dude, but this guy could stall a radar screen with his brand of sexuality.

The Crib is by author Sasha White. Ms. White used a first person wisecracking voice to add a hard and edgy tone to this erotic tale and it worked beautifully. If that is not enough her erotic repertoire kicks the sexual level to the hottest story in this anthology. This is one writer that can change her style of writing and totally create believability and breathless sexual magic at the same time. Erotic heaven is all this reviewer can say!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Janalee.