by Susan Kearney

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79029-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #25
Mass Market Paperback

Navy SEAL, Chad Hunter has been recruited by Admiral Gates to infiltrate a place called Eden to search for the Admiral's son Lyle, who was last heard from on his way to Eden. Eden is a resort in the Catskill mountains that is run and owned by some of the most powerful women in North America. The purpose of the resort is to cater to the woman's every need. Carefully selected men are paid huge sums of money to be at the ladies beck and call and help complete their ultimate fantasies. Chad is convinced that he can never be "bought" in this manner but plays along as a favor to the admiral to help locate Lyle. This was before he met Brittany Barrington, the one woman how just might prove Chad can be bought after all.

Brittany Barrington is a hard working divorced woman who was bitterly hurt by her two timing ex. After all, the final straw came when she caught him in bed with another woman! Brittany has vowed never to let another man get close enough to hurt her that way again.

Brittany's mother is Samantha Barrington, an ex cover girl, current cosmetics company executive and one of the founders of Eden. She convinces Brittany to come with her to Eden for a much needed vacation. From their first meeting Brittany is attracted to Chad, much to her displeasure. Sensing this attraction, Samantha buys Chad's contract for her daughter. Chad is all Brittany's for the entire month's stay at Eden.

Brittany reluctantly goes along with the plan just to keep her mother at bay. She agrees to spend a platonic month with Chad just to please her mom. They will appear to be lovers in public but it's hands off when they are behind closed doors. This will be easier said than done and before the month is over it will be hard to tell just who has enslaved whom.

If Susan Kearney's first attempt at writing a Blaze is any indication of what is to come from her, then I believe she has a bright future with this line, in addition to her Intrigues. Chad and Brittany are a couple that sizzle from their first meeting. The back story of the missing SEAL Lyle adds another dimension, incorporating Ms. Kearney's brand of suspense into this story as well.

Make no mistake the love scenes are just what the reader expects in a Blaze. One of my favorite scenes is the massage scene in this book... boy, does Chad know how to use his hands! Many men could pick up a tip or two by reading this particular part of this book. Ladies you might want to highlight this part and leave it where your husbands can read it!

This book was very well written, the characters were very believable and the passion was just what I expect from a Blaze - sizzling hot! Do yourself a favor find a copy of this book and become Enslaved for a few hours.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Barbara.

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