by Elizabeth Harbison

June 2002
ISBN: 0-373-24476-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1476
Mass Market Paperback

Ex-homecoming queen Grace Bowes is back in her hometown after eleven years. But she is now a mother, divorced and broke! Everyone she meets is surprised at her new plight when she was once so filled with the promise of a bright future. Grace is worried at having to move back in with her mom and upset at circumstances forcing her to come back to the town whose dust she though she had long left behind. She is now a woman with no money, a son to raise, and the only qualifications she has is that of being a homemaker. Desperate for any job, she decides to take a job at her old school, and at the interview she meets Luke Stewart, the only man who had ever made her question her decision to marry her high-school sweetheart! Only he is now a deeply attractive, sexy and hostile stranger to her!

For Luke, time stands still when he sees Grace, the only woman to have ever captured his heart, standing at the door of his office for a job interview. It's as if the years have all melted away and he is once again a teenager with a mountain-sized crush on his best buddy’s girl. She only seems to have grown more beautiful with the years and he discovers that his feelings for her have never died. In fact, they are now surging to the fore, threatening to overcome all his misgivings! But can he trust her not break his heart a second time?

Elizabeth Harbison has treated Drive Me Wild, a story of love and second chances, with a sure and deft touch. She has also provided some unexpected bumps that distinguish this story from countless others. The portrayal of Grace struggling is all too realistic and will touch a chord with many a reader. Same goes with Luke, who knows his heart can get broken easily and so he lets his head rule his every decision. The passion between Grace and Luke simmers throughout the narrative and the lovemaking is erotic and explosive - it makes for some very hot reading! Overall it is a good story to read and is liable to make the readers nostalgic for the good-old-times. Wonderful!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rashmi.

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