by Cait London

July 2006
ISBN: 0-06-079088-1
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Mass Market Paperback

This summer author Cait London is back on the bookstore shelves with her latest romantic suspense entitled Silence the Whispers. Fans of the author will be looking forward to reading her latest read, and should find it engaging. I however, find Ms. London to be a hit, miss, hit, miss author, and unfortunately, the first half of Silence the Whispers was a miss while the second half I found to be a one hundred percent hit!

Twenty-Eight years ago, young Cameron Somerton was kidnapped from her bed, and missing for fourteen days. Her mother naturally suffered anguish over the disappearance of her daughter, and in her need to search for her daughter decided to go up in her hot air balloon. A rather unusual mode of search, but possibly an effective one, yet a freak accident happened and Katherine Somerton is killed.

The same day Katherine is killed Cameron is discovered dazed and unsure of what has happened to her. She is raised by her stepfather, Robert, and is now the sole heir to the Somerton fortune. She and Robert have not had the closest of relationships, and each is trying to push the other to the edge of sanity. Who will be successful and what will happen to the vast Somerton fortune?

There are not many people in Cameronís life that she trusts, and when she encounters a strange man on the side of the road, she takes an instant distrust to him. Who is the stranger, and can he gain not only Cameronís trust but her love as well?

Hayden Olson knew the young Cameron and was as close to her as her immediate family. He is concerned that the grown Cameron is not all she is supposed to be, and he intends to unravel the secrets surrounding her. As he delves deeper into Cameron and Robertís lives, what secrets will come forth? What danger will surround everyone on the Somerton estate? To find out for sure you are going to have to read Silence the Whispers for yourselves.

As originally stated, the first half of the book was setting up all the various relationships. Ms. London did a fine job of telling the history of the characters and establishing a viable reason for Hayden to be in Cameronís path. However, it just did not engage me. It was not until the relationship between Cameron and Hayden started heating up, and secrets started unraveling that I was engaged, and finding myself turning page after page.

I strongly suggest that whether or not you are a fan of Ms. Londonís you stick with Silence the Whispers because in the end, the suspense is superb, and the plot twists are well written.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Sandi.

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