by Susan Kearney

July 2006
ISBN: 0-765-35499-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

Captain Angel Taylor never imagined that she would one day be part of a battle that would decide the fate of the universe. But, finding Kirek, a Rystani warrior, stowed away on board the ship she was trying to salvage was just another unexpected thing that pops up in her life. Having another ship come up and demand the very man that was stowing away was another thing entirely. Accepting a proposition from Kirek, Angel throws herself and her ship in the hands of fate.

Kirek of Rystan is on the most important mission in the known universe. Find the Zin and destroy them before they can take over the universe and kill off all other lifeforms. The problem is that Kirek isnít at full strength and he needs help to get to where his informant is to get the information on where the Zin are. He needs Angel, in more ways than one. Angel and Kirek are now in a race against time. They have the warlike Kraj after them and they need to find the Zin.

With love blooming and Angel letting down some of her barriers for him, Kirek has even more of a reason to find the Zin. Their problems keep multiplying and danger is around every corner for them. With twists and turns everywhere, Angel and Kirek are fighting for the right to survive in the universe. The only question is whether or not they will make it out in one piece.

I have been waiting for Kirekís story and am happy to say that I was not disappointed! There are many thrills, chills and close encounters in this story. Not only is Kirek running on partial ability, but he has to deal with the way Angel makes him feel. Gotta love a man that goes after what he wants like a heat seeking missile. Angel has got to be the best heroine of this series so far! A definite kick ass woman, she lives life by her own set of codes and is the wrong woman to cross. From the first chapter I was completely captivated and couldnít stop reading. Susan Kearney has outdone herself with The Quest.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Angel.

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