by Christina Young

August 2006
ISBN: 1-58749-570-8
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Callie goes on the run to get away from her step-brother and the man he arranged for her to marry. She is rescued by a Scotsman who is the chief of his clan. He is known as Hawke. But when Hawke finds out she is Lady Whitcomb, he starts to treat her as an enemy. His father was put to death by her father and he has vowed revenge. He decides to keep Callie at his castle. Then decides he will marry her for her land.

The plot is good and the enemies nasty. I felt Hawke treated Callie very badly though his heart was telling him to love her, he refused to listen despite his attraction to her. I felt that Hawke needed to lighten up a bit. His sister did immediately as did his men, so why did he hang on to his vengeful feelings for so long? I suppose it was for the sake of the story but I would have liked him better if he was less stiff-necked in his attitude toward Callie.

I did wish Callie was a stronger heroine. Instead of always being ladylike I wanted her to give in less to Hawke's orders. She always resented what he asked of her but only seemed to fight him in her thoughts. Just my impression perhaps.

I did find the enemies, like Callie's half brother Archibald, pure evil. They were well thought out and came across very believable.

Overall I liked the story and can recommend it as a worthwhile read. The author has a lot of talent and the plot and tension of the story are well handled.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Mary.

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