by Cathy Marie Hake

July 2006
ISBN: 0-7642-0165-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Ruth Caldwell is trying to live up to her motherís concept of what a lady should be in everything she does. Sometimes the outcome isnít what Ruth thought it would be.

She has been at Pettigrew Academy. Just one of many finishing schools she has been sent to. She has been asked to leave this one as well; it was more like they told her she was leaving. Her mother will be so disappointed in her, again.

When Ruth arrives home, she discovers her mother has hidden the fact she is very sick and dying, why wasnít Ruth told? She could have come home sooner and taken care of her. Her mother decides its time Ruth meets her father, Ruth does not want to leave her dying mother, but as this is her motherís dying wish, Ruth has no choice but promise she will go to her father in Folsom, California.

Josh McCain Jr. receives a letter addressed to Alan Caldwell. He can't believe what he is reading, Alan had a daughter! Alan never mentioned he had children. If this is true, then he and his dad aren't the only owners of the Broken P Ranch. His dad is not going to like this one bit. He needs to reply to the letter, letting this person know Alan has died, there is no need for the daughter to come, there is nothing here for her. Itís too late to send a letter; Ruth has already arrived in Folsom.

Josh and Ruth try to be civil with each other, until the attorney in town can determine if Ruth is really who she says she is, Ruth will be considered part owner of the Broken P. When seemingly innocent accidents start happening to Ruth on the ranch, Josh is concerned that someone close to him may be responsible for them. When he discovers a second set of books for the ranch, he knows his father will stop at nothing to make sure Ruth does not get one inch of the ranch. Can Josh protect Ruth from further harm without giving himself away? Will Ruth finally be letter perfect like her mother always wanted her to be?

Letter Perfect was a fun, fast-paced book. I loved Ruth's character; she tried so hard to be the lady her mother always wanted her to be. Josh was a marvelous character. He walked a very tight rope by trying to keep Ruth safe from his father, without letting on he knew of his fatherís treachery. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Pat.

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